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Curtin University S.O.B.E Proposal

Studio Project

The current stage for Curtin’s growth will be the stage 1 development area which will highlight Curtin’s vision towards the future of education. Situated in the middle of Stage 1 the new S.O.B.E building (F06) shares a highly active framework with F05 and the current medical building. This development intends to highlight an integrated learning experience where not only S.O.B.E related users are welcome but everyone else as well. The design of the building centres on socializing and offering shared facilities through ground activation. In addition F06’s proximity to the yet to be constructed bus hub would allow commuters to interact with the building on an accelerated level through its shops and public facilities that would pull people towards them visually. On the higher levels that integrated slowly switches to exclusivity towards the more specialist uses of the building catered towards S.O.B.E users that includes studio spaces, faculty spaces, meeting rooms and classes. It is a functional funnel in terms of use and design if you will. 

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